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Waterloo Book 2015

Waterloo Book 2015
Waterloo Book 2015
Waterloo Book 2015
Waterloo Book 2015
Waterloo Book 2015
Waterloo Book 2015
Waterloo Book 2015
Waterloo Book 2015

Waterloo Book 2015

This 3-volume anthology, commemorates England's most
important land-victory - the Battle of Waterloo.'

Waterloo 1815 |Limited Commemorative Edition |1,1815 Copies

  The Waterloo Commemorative Anthology includes a unique collection of the most powerful and engaging writing from all sides of the Battle of Waterloo, including first-hand reports, eye-witness accounts, personal letters and more. The engaging text is supported by sketches, illustrations, prints and maps; many rarely seen - some previously unpublished. 

Battle-related maps, housed in a separate portfolio compliment each volume, demonstrate  brings the battle to life  creating the ultimate commemorative collection. The book and portfolio, housed in a kashgar slipcase, with a Waterloo Medal cartouche embossed to the front.  Battle-related maps, housed in a separate portfolio, compliment each volume, creating the ultimate, commemorative collection.  

The Waterloo Commemorative Anthology is based around three of the great Waterloo texts; one British, one Prussian, and one French. Each account offers a very different perspective to the battle, collectively, the texts present a uniqe and comprehensive insight to the Waterloo campaign and includes letters, reports and recollections from men on both sides -  some famous, many obscure, all engaging.

Many of thee original sources are reproduced in facsimile, (with transcriptions where appropriate).The final notes and letters written by the Duke of Wellington, immediately before, and after the Battle of Waterloo (sourced from the Wellington document collection held at to Southampton University), deliver a remarkable insight, similarly battle-numbers (recorded by the Duke of Wellington), plus Wellington's first draft of the Waterloo Dispatch, in its entirety.

In addition to the engaging text, the Anthology includes some 200 prints, maps and diagrams  sourced from original, hand-coloured publisher-proofs, (Getty family library, Wormsley, England), a series of 34 etchings, originally published by John Booth, (coloured to replicate the original etchings, by the eminent watercolourist, Peter Frith), a fine collection of satirical, Napoleonic sketches from the Anne S. K. Brown (military) Library, and much more.

 The historic Waterloo battlefield panorama, published by John Booth is also tipped into one volume, similarly Battle of Waterloo campaign maps, and plans from both Jones & Mudford’s original works. A number of comparative larger maps, being true-to-size, presented in a companion portfolio), will satisfy the most insatiable appetites for cartography and historic accuracy.


Fine quality materials | Traditional craftmanship | Hand-Made in England

Each volume is quarter bound, by hand, in premium-quality, calf-leather, with gold bands and lettering to the spine. The book boards (covers) in bookbinders silk; the front board with a blocked-cartouche, detailing the Prussian- & Union Flags, victorious, and the French Tricolour, fallen.  End papers featuring sketches by Daniel Maclise, plus a trio of crimson & blue ribbon-markers, (in each volume), re-inforce the Battle of Waterloo theme.*


Title: Waterloo 1815, A Commemorative Anthology.
 Edition: Limited Commemorative Edition. Total 1,615 copies.
Product Code: b001757.
Volumes: 3 Volumes + map-portfolio to each volume.
Bindings: Quarter-bound premium-quality calf leather, silk boards.
Colours: Brown leather quarter-bindings. Scarlet silk boards.
Ribbon Markers: three ribbon markers to each volume.
Endpapers: Sketches by Daniel Maclise.
Slipcase: Kashgar, premium-quality, bookbinding cloth with a satin lustre.

Publisher: Extraordinary Editions.
 Release  date: June 30th, 2014.

Price: £850.00, total 3 volumes. From June 30th 2014, the price will increase to £950.00.
Orders: To order your  Limited Commemorative Edition, please telephone or send an email.

This limited edition publication consists of three volumes, offered for sale in two styles: Commemorative and Exemplary. To buy the Exemplary Edition, please refer to product code b001758.

* The pencil sketches being preliminary works to Daniel Maclise's  masterpiece, 'The Meeting of Wellington & Blucher,' housed in Westminster Palace. Reproduced by kind permission of The National Gallery, London.


£ 850.00

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