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British Medals & Militaria

British Medals & Militaria Highlights

Napoleonic Royal Navy Midshipman's Dirk By Gill's of London

  • Napoleonic Royal Navy Midshipmans Dirk By Gills of London

    Napoleonic Royal Navy Midshipmans Dirk By Gills of London ... more

  • RAF Watch | Longines | 6B/159

    RAF Watch | Longines | 6B/159 ... more

  • Para BN - G.S.M | Territorial Medal Group

    Para BN - G.S.M | Territorial Medal Group ... more

British Medals & Militaria


October 2018  Highlights

British military watches continue to lead the way as a strong collecting theme. A trend we believe will continue through 2018. We are currently considering consignments for this collecting category.



British Medal & Militaria highlights this month include three diverse- and collectible pieces; a Napoleonic period Royal Navy Midshipmans dirk, a rare 1943 dated Longines RAF 6B/159 watch, plus a group of medals to a sergeant with the SAS



The Napoleonic period Royal Navy Midshipman's dirk is made by the famous company, Gill's of London. This fine dirk with two-tone bone grip, would invariably be conferred to the sons of wealthy and/or aristocratic families, training to become commissioned officers.




A fresh-to-market 1943 dated  Longines RAF ‘6B/159 watch, complete with its original back-plate designations. Today, a  wartime dated Longines RAF 6B/159 watch remains one of the must-haves by military watch collectors.



Lastly, a grouping of medals & associated items to a sergeant with the King’s Own, and the Paratroopers. The medal group includes the General Service Medal with clasp for the Arabian Penninsula, and a Territorial Medal for the Army Air Corps. The paratrooper’s commanding officer stated his military conduct as Exemplary ! A possible link with the SAS makes this an interesting group for further research.







 Medal & Militaria Highlights are up-dated  around the first day of every month.

The medals and militaria which feature in our Highlights are based on customer feed-back. Please let us know your  favourite piece (or two), and we'll consider your choices in our next Highlight Review.