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British Medals & Militaria

British Medals & Militaria Highlights

Napoleonic Royal Navy Midshipman's Dirk By Gill's of London

  • Napoleonic Royal Navy Midshipmans Dirk By Gills of London

    Napoleonic Royal Navy Midshipmans Dirk By Gills of London ... more

  • RAF Watch | Longines | 6B/159

    RAF Watch | Longines | 6B/159 ... more

  • SAS | SBS Group Four Medals | Boxed | KIA

    SAS | SBS Group Four Medals | Boxed | KIA ... more

British Medals & Militaria


August 2018  Highlights

British military watches continue to lead the way as a strong collecting theme. A trend we believe will continue through 2018. We are currently considering consignments for this collecting category.



British Medal & Militaria highlights this month include three diverse- and collectible pieces; a Napoleonic period Royal Navy Midshipmans dirk, a rare 1943 dated Longines RAF 6B/159 watch, plus a group of medals to a sergeant with the SAS



The Napoleonic period Royal Navy Midshipman's dirk is made by the famous company, Gill's of London. This fine dirk with two-tone bone grip, would invariably be conferred to the sons of wealthy and/or aristocratic families, training to become commissioned officers.




A fresh-to-market 1943 dated  Longines RAF ‘6B/159 watch, complete with its original back-plate designations. Today, a  wartime dated Longines RAF 6B/159 watch remains one of the must-haves by military watch collectors.



Lastly, a fresh to market medal group of four given posthumously to Sergeant Archibald Sinclair with the SAS. He was with his detachment of men undertaking a commando raid on the Italian Island of Lampedusa, when Sinclair, and Corporal Milne are believed to have been killed by machine gun fire. Sinclair and Milne were the first casualties of the Allies, of the Battle For Italy. We believe the consigner has priced this historical group of medals very reasonably.







 Medal & Militaria Highlights are up-dated  around the first day of every month.

The medals and militaria which feature in our Highlights are based on customer feed-back. Please let us know your  favourite piece (or two), and we'll consider your choices in our next Highlight Review.