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German Medals & Militaria Highlights

Allach Porcelain Athena by Prof.TH.Karner | Provenance

  •  Allach Porcelain Athena by Prof.TH.Karner | Provenance

    Allach Porcelain Athena by Prof.TH.Karner | Provenance ... more

  • Italian Fascist MVSN Generals Chained Dagger

    Italian Fascist MVSN Generals Chained Dagger ... more

  • NSDAP Bremen Ehren Buch | Museum Interest.

    NSDAP Bremen Ehren Buch | Museum Interest. ... more

German Medals & Militaria


January 2019  Highlights


Welcome to our January 2019 highlights.  We have three items, all fresh to market, and one of great historical interest.

The first highlight is the Allach Athena, Goddess of Art & Culture. Our second, an Italian Fascist MVSN Generals dagger, and our third and last highlight for this month, the NSDAP Honour Book from Bremen.

The Athena is considered one of the most pleasing pieces of Allach porcelain aesthetically. This beautiful piece of porcelain by Prof Karner, holds a Corinthian column representing art and culture, along with an olive branch representing peace. This example of the Athena originates from the Drambuie Collection.

One of the most iconic pieces of Axis power edged weaponry is the Italian Fascist chained MVSN Generals dagger. This single dagger epitomises Mussolini’s Fascist State, be it the stylised eagle top, the Fasces to the grip, the large stylised ‘M’ (in the manner of Mussolini’s signature), and eagle over the SPQR box (as carried by the Roman Centurians).  It was this style of dagger that Mussolini gave Hitler on the occasion of his state visit to Rome in 1938.


We have kept the best to last. The NSDAP Honour Book  for Bremen bears hundreds of ink signatures of the Party faithful, including that of Gauleiter, Paul Wegener, and Carl Rover. This large leatherbound book with eye-catching inset swastika to the cover, was found in the Mayor of Bremen’s safe at the end of the war, by US officer, Bill Harriman. He became the Control Officer for Bremen  in 1945. Truly a historical item of museum level interest.












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