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Para BN - G.S.M | Territorial Medal Group

Para BN - G.S.M | Territorial Medal Group
Para BN - G.S.M | Territorial Medal Group
Para BN - G.S.M | Territorial Medal Group
Para BN - G.S.M | Territorial Medal Group
Para BN - G.S.M | Territorial Medal Group
Para BN - G.S.M | Territorial Medal Group
Para BN - G.S.M | Territorial Medal Group
Para BN - G.S.M | Territorial Medal Group

Para BN - G.S.M | Territorial Medal Group


King's Own earns highest praise

Para BN G.S.M/Territorial Medal Group for sale to Sgt J.McNally. The medal group includes seven medals mounted for wear, plus documentation and associated properties. The medals contained in a bespoke wooden box:

  1. 1939-45 Star
  2. Italy Star 
  3. France & Germany Star 
  4. Defence Medal 
  5. 1939-45 Medal 
  6. General Service Medal with Clasp Arabian Peninsula, impressed '22510726 SGT J.MC NALLY KING'S OWN' 
  7. Territorial Medal impressed, '7895881 CPL J.MC NALLY A.A.C.(Army Air Corps)'

Additional items with the medal group:

Certificate of Education Third Class to McNally, 1st Bn The Parachute Regiment
Certificate for First Aid instruction to McNally
Formal Pension Certificate to McNally, stating 22 years service. Dated 1966.

Cutting from newspaper showing the Parachute Regiment with colours. 

Copy Manchester Evening News Special with ‘Manchester At War’ strap-line.  Dated September 13th 1975.

'Our Finest Years.’ WW2 interest magazine. Dated 1964. McNally’s name to inside.

Red para. beret with silver metal para. badge. The inside to the beret stamped ‘Kangol Wear Limited, War Department Arrow, dated 1952.
Para wing -  machine-embroidered with three fixings to the backing - Used
Parachute Regiment  shoulder badge. Machine-embroidered – Unused from stores

Parachute Regimental tie. Silk. Machine woven. Para wings on red ground, made by the eponymous Lewin & Sons, Jermyn Street, London. 

Pegasus printed unit badge light blue on dark red – Unused from stores
SAS machine-embroidered cap badge – Used
Sergeant stripes – Possibly unused

King’s Own Border – shoulder title, machine-embroidered yellow on green – Used

King’s Own Border - shoulder title, machine embroidered white on red – Used

King’s Own Borderer -  regimental tie. Red and green stripes on brown ground. Silk.   

King’s Own Borderer - cap insignia. Home made.

wood wall hanger (11.0cm diameter), the centre with red velvet and golden metal.

Condition report: The medal group in very good to excellent condition. Slight fraying to the ribbon of the Territorial Medal.

Notes on SGt J.McNally: According to his Regular Army Service Book, McNally  served with  the Lancastrian Brigade between 1950-58, Para BN in East Africa & Bahrein throughout 1958 and into 1959, With King's Own Borderer's from 1959 to 1966.

The Assessment of Military Conduct & Character is particularly noteworthy:

Military Conduct: Exemplary.

Testimonial: 'Throughout his service Sgt McNally has earned the highest praise from his superiors. He is completely honest and trustworthy with a highly developed sense of duty. he has a pleasant quite sensitivity and gets on well with his superiors and subordinates. He has always put his duty before his personal affairs and cannot be too highly recommended for a position where integrity and hard work are required.'

Additional notes: The Certificate of Service Book runs from 1950-1966, however, his formal pension certifcate states 22 years service, which possibly indicates McNally was conscripted into the army during WW2, and then re-enlisted 1949/1950.

The Kings Own Royal Regiment Museum holds a photograph of McNally serving with the 1st Battalion. The photo taken in Egypt on April 23 [St Georges Day] 1959.  The photograph date and location, ties-in/reaffirms his service records confirming 'in East Africa.'

A particularly interesting possible SAS-related group to an 'Exemplary' military personality, presenting an opportunity for further research. 


£ 875.00

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