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Third Reich Documents | The Doyle Collection

Third Reich Documents | The Doyle Collection

Third Reich Documents | The Doyle Collection

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A single-owner, Third Reich document collection with an emphasis on desirable signatures and historically-important content...
sold for the first time in thirty years.'

A  collection of Third Reich documents recently sold by us for the first time in thirty years. The single-owner document collection, consisted of

NSDAP 'policy letters,' to SS documents extending birthday-greetings, newsstand posters, and associated ephemera from the Third Reich era: many documents benefit from rare signatures and historically-important content; all are unique.  The sale of these documents represented the best of its type  nationally - and possibly internationally, for over thirty years, and created an opportunity for organisations and private individuals to buy Third Reich documents from a single-owner collection, which were of historical importance. 

Highlights from The Third Reich Document Collection Part I  included letters from Mercedes to Rudolf Hess, (1936); the Mercedes-Hess letters detailing the purchase of a new limousine for Adolf Hitler. An NSDAP document addressing the terms for wearing uniform insignia; the NSDAP document  signed by Reichsleiter Ley (1935). The Nuremburg War Crimes Trial is represented by a group of Third Reich documents which are both rich in content, and signed by Generaloberst Jodl (1946). More publicly, a  Rohm Putsch newsstand poster captures the order-of-the-day with its period graphics and Sensational Twist headline (1934).



The Doyle, Third Reich Document Collection was established 30 years ago following a chance-encounter with a house-clearance company in Germany; the Company discovering the Third Reich documents while undertaking a routine house-clearance in Munich.  Inspired by his chance-encounter, Doyle purchased the entire document-group, and over some 30 years relied upon this single-source to quench his passion for Third Reich history and 'paperwork.'