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Ulric of England


SS-VT Cuff Titles | Ulric of England Collection

SS-VT Cuff Titles | Ulric of England Collection

SS-VT Cuff Titles | Ulric of England Collection


Exceptional Rarity | Impeccable provenance | Fresh-to-the-market


The Ulric of England SS-VT cuff title  collection includes 12, SS-VT

cuff titles  carefully assembled since the 1970s. 



Collection Overview

Most of the SS-VT cuff titles for sale in this second, and final tranche, feature in notable books, some are exceptionally rare, all are fresh-to-the-market, and many have notable, if not interesting provenance - a couple were previously owned by a rock star.*

Sale highlights include a hand-embroidered SS-Totenkopfverbände cuff title, a machine-embroidered Adolf Hitler OR/NCO RZM cuff title, a Germania Officer cuff title and more.


Rarity Status

'Rarity' for a given item plays an important role in as much as it influences desirability, and ultimately price. The metric used in the product descriptions [Ulric of England  SS-VT Cuff Title Collection ] is intended to give context to 'rarity.' The measurement is [1] based on global market knowledge assembled over 30+ years and [2] comparative to SS cuff titles in general.

1/10 =least rare. 10/10 = most rare.

Book Provenance

The SS-VT cuff titles are photographed in the following books. Please ask for book and page clarification before placing your order:

  • SS-Regalia 
  • Inside The Allgemeine-SS
  • Collecting SS & Political Cuff Titles Volume 1
  • Collecting SS & Political Cuff Titles Volume 2

*The first part of the Collection was sold around the yr 2000.