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SS Daggers

SS Daggers

SS Daggers


Ulric of England holds an established and successful record for managing German SS edged weapon collections, and selling collectible SS daggers, including SS 1936 chained daggers, SS presentation daggers, SS Officer- and RZM daggers, plus related  SS dagger accoutrements.


Today we are proud to be recognised as one of the global leaders in this specialist field: our understanding of market idiosyncrasies, global reach, experience & know how, ensures we are perfectly-placed to offer guidance when you're looking to enrich your SS dagger collection, and suggest the best course of action -  with a view to achieving great prices, when it's time for you to sell.

SS daggers and swords modelled by coveted German makers including Eickhorn, Hammersfahr, Klaas and  Krebs, have always been celebrated in our SS, edged weapon portfolio. Equally, SS daggers and swords benefitting from exemplary quality-condition, and rarity.

The SS daggers and swords currently showcased for sale include many unique and historically-important pieces, all in fine-, if not splendid condition, and many with impeccable provenance - or suitable 'leads,' to warrant further investigation.

Category highlights  include an SS NCO officer sword made by Alcoso, a 1933 pattern SS 'presentation dagger' made by Hammesfahr, an RZM, SS dagger made by the elusive, Gembruch, and an SS Rohm dagger with impeccable provenance, made by Herder.

SS chained daggers are represented by a fine, Type 2, 1936 pattern, chained dagger with solid, nickel-silver fittings, plus a 1936, SS chained dagger with  low SS membership number and original portepee.

A comprehensive selecton of accoutrements - the essential details for your dagger collection, range from 'First Issue' SS sword hangers, to SS dagger portepees, bespoke display cases, and dagger belt-loops.