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Portrait Miniatures. Military & Naval.

Portrait Miniatures. Military & Naval.

Portrait Miniatures. Military & Naval.

Our dedication to military & naval history is reflected in the experience & know how we bring to collecting portrait miniatures. At any given time we showcase a variety of military & naval portrait miniatures, some with impeccable provenance, others with poignant stories, exquisite uniform detail, or exemplary decorations for valour & bravery: all unique.


Military & naval portrait miniatures, from the late 18th- to early 19th century, combining notable provenance, with tales of derring-do, (think Battle of Waterloo & Trafalgar), and miniatures from distinguished ranks and regiments, command great interest, and consequently higher prices. Similarly, regimental portrait miniatures with impeccable medal, and uniform detail, and portrait miniatures with interesting histories, (with potential to investigate the sitter).

For medal and militaria collectors, portrait miniature desirability - the  'must have factor,' is often a double-sided affair. Although the reason for the two-timing is not immediately apparent, most portrait miniatures are  designed to be enjoyed from both sides (ditto medals): seed pearls, intricately woven hair, bullion-wire and shell shavings, are among the  cornucopia of materials assembled with intimate dexterity -  then carefully tucked behind a sliver of bevelled glass - totally out view.

Portrait miniatures. Purchase & consignment entries invited.

We are currently looking to buy late 18th century, to early 19th century, military & naval portrait miniatures, in particular portraits with the following qualities:

notable 'English School' miniaturists. 

named sitters dressed in regimental uniform, detailing medals, orders and decorations.
impeccable provenance and/or providing opportunities for further research.
Portrait miniatures associated with The French Revolutionary, Napoleonic, and Peninsular wars, (including naval military portrait miniatures of Vice-Admiral Horatio, Viscount Nelson,K.B. military portrait miniatures of Field Marshall Arthur Wellesley, 1st  Duke of Wellington, plus  portrait miniatures associated with  distinguished naval and military ranks and regiments.

Thinking of buying. Looking to sell. Starting a collection.

We are always pleased to offer guidance associated with buying, selling and collecting late 18th, to early 19th century naval and military portrait miniatures.

With the above in mind, please telephone or send a brief email.

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