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Ulric of England


Historical Signatures

Historical Signatures

Historical Signatures

ULRIC of ENGLAND brings you the best and most historically interesting signatures from the period of the Third Reich. The collecting of signatures or autographs comes under the general heading of philography, an area of collecting and research which ULRIC of ENGLAND has been leading for over thirty years.

We have sold numerous important signatures, including many penned by Adolf Hitler. Additionally we strive to offer an array of interesting signatures to suit the one off buyer, or dedicated philographist.  

Both the famous, and the infamous, include highest ranking personalities from the three main services, such as Milch, Kesselring, Dönitz, Raeder, Blomberg and Keitel. Many of those holding highest office in the SS and NSDAP, such as Himmler, Heydrich, Bormann and Ley. 


Consigners can feel comfortable, that ULRIC of ENGLAND can achieve excellent prices for the most interesting signatures, and buyers can purchase in the knowledge that every signature has been carefully inspected, before being offered for sale.