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German Medals | Political

German Medals | Political

German Medals | Political

We've specialised in German Medals since the 1970s. Today, as a result of our long-term dedication we are pleased to showcase many fine German medals for sale, and share our experience with medal collectors from all corners of the world.

This category includes a rich and varied selection of German Political Medals, Badges, Orders and Decorations ranging from a late-war Gold Party Badge with matching citation signed by Reichsleiter Xavier Schwarz, a matched pair of Gold Party Badges for sale in their original red leather presentation case, to NSDAP Gau Badges, German Eagle Orders, Police Long Service Medals, Blood Orders, German Luftschutze Medals and more.


In the event you discover a  'must have medal'  which falls  outside your budget, please ask about our lay-away plan, (payment by installment over several months). Alternatively you may wish to consider selling: we are always open to consider buying single German medals or medal collections  either outright or on consignment.