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Ulric of England


Cuff Titles| How To Collect

Cuff Titles| How To Collect

Cuff Titles| How To Collect



There is a unique appeal to collecting cuff titles. Undoubtedly size has something to do with it, as these small lengths of cloth do not take up much space. However, it is the historical connection with the units that creates the major appeal.

Methods for display are only limited by your imagination. The traditional method for displaying cuff titles is in a collecting cabinet, but many collectors also like to mount the cuff title in a shadow frame directly below a photograph showing the cuff title being worn. However, there are various more modernistic ways of displaying your cuff titles using formed acrylics, these provide a stunning and unique way of displaying your single or multi-cuff title display.



Conservation: Mothing is not an issue with most cuff titles, as they generally attack wool, and the majority of cuff titles are manufactured using rayon. However, from a conservation perspective, it is important not to create hard folds in the cuff title length, as over time this will weaken the material at those points. Humidity, and extremes of cold and heat should also be avoided.