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British Medals | Post WW2

British Medals | Post WW2

British Medals | Post WW2


Post WW2 Medals relating to Britain's forgotten  (small) wars are coveted by Medal collectors and occsional buyers across the globe.  

British Medals conferred to military personnel and civilians for the Falkland Conflict (1982) are continuing to prove a popular collecting choice, similarly British Medals for comparativley recent conflicts, including Iraq (2003-2011), the Gulf War (1990-1991), and Afghanistan (2001-to date).

Interestingly,Gallantry medals in this category have proved to be the investment-equal to WW1 and WW2 'counterparts.'

The British  medals showcased for sale encompass former British colonies and/or overseas territories including Malaya, The Falkland Islands, Kenya, Korea and  Northern Ireland.  Medal highlights include an SAS General Service Medal with Malaya clasp, a 'wounded' Falkland's South Atlantic Medal for sale with great provenance, plus an 'exemplary' King's Own SAS-related medal group.