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Allach Porcelain

Allach Porcelain

Allach Porcelain


The SS Reiter sets the standard for Allach Porcelain

The SS Reiter is without a doubt the piece that set the standard for porcelain complication.  


Allach porcelain is significant to the history and evolution of  European porcelain in general, and 20th century, German porcelain in particular. In comparison to its illustrious German counterparts for example, Meissen- and Dresden, Allach Porcelain, is relatively undiscovered. Several pieces for example Allach's elusive SS Standard Bearer and triumphant Victor are highly coveted by dedicated porcelain collectors and inspired occasional buyers across the globe.


The Allach porcelain company was founded in Germany in 1936, by Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS. Himmler's brief to "create the best," ensured some of Germany's most pre-eminent,  20th century artists and ceramicists were commissioned to create porcelain figures, figurines and decorative objects. Although the Allach porcelain factory closed in 1945, Allach's uncompromising ability to express technical excellence and creative ingenuity - through  porcelain, continues to inspire discriminating porcelain collectors today.



'Inspired by nature and classical Greek mythology.'


Allach's contribution to 20th century, European decorative arts, is expressed through numerous, white-glazed, understated pieces, ranging from porcelain candle holders, vases and bowls, to presentation dishes, Allach porcelain figures, figurines and more.

Elements from both nature and classical Greek mythology are evident in many Allach porcelain figures and decorative objects including the Oswald Pohl Julfest Crocus Plate, the Neo-classical white porcelain candle holder, the  Allach Athena, Allach porcelain Victor, Allach porcelain Fencer, the Standard Bearer, plus a menagerie of wild and domestic animals, ranging from elephant calves, to the German Shepherd dog, 'Rearing Horse.'


We are always interested to buy Allach porcelain, and would be delighted to consider single Allach figures, decorative objects and collectons, you may be propsing to sell.