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SS General Julius Schaub | SS-Totenkopfring | Provenance

  • SS General Julius Schaub | SS-Totenkopfring | Provenance

    SS General Julius Schaub | SS-Totenkopfring | Provenance ... more

  • SS General Julius Schaub | Pair Golden Party Badges | Provenance

    SS General Julius Schaub | Pair Golden Party Badges | Provenance ... more

  • SS General Julius Schaub | Hitler Dedicated & Signed Mein Kampf | Provenance

    SS General Julius Schaub | Hitler Dedicated & Signed Mein Kampf | Provenance ... more

German Medals & Militaria


July 2019  Highlights



Welcome to our July 2019 highlights.  All three highlights from phase 2 of a prominent New York-based collection of forty years standing.


The three historical items highlighted this month, are originally from the estate of Hitler’s personal adjutant, SS-Obergruppenführer Julius Schaub. He sold many of his belongings in the lead up to his death in 1967, and his family sold the remaining belongings during the 1970s. Deposited into major collections, some of Schaub’s belongings have resurrected themselves over the decades, appearing from time to time in major auction houses. Our three Schaub highlights were acquired by the present owner, from the German military antiques dealer, Detlev Niemann, at the beginning of the 2000s.

A brief background to Julius Schaub. Having been wounded during World War I, Schaub returned to his home town Munich, and was one of the first to join Hitler’s Deutsche Arbeiter Partei (later NSDAP). He quickly formed a friendship with Hitler, and became his personal aide. It was Schaub, that even from those early years, would organise Hitler’s travelling arrangements, and make sure all relevant paperwork was at Hitler’s disposal at all times. Schaub continued as Hitler’s personal aide, and later as his head adjutant, until the end in 1945. Wishing to remain in the bunker with Hitler, Schaub was instructed by Hitler to leave. Hitler wanted Schaub to travel to his residences in Munich and Obersalzburg and destroy his personal papers. Schaub fulfilled his instructions, and was later captured by the Americans.


Our first highlight is Schaub’s Totenkopfring. The ring bearing an early date of 30th June 1934, and bearing Schaub’s name engraved to the inside, along with that of the SS Reichsführer, Heinrich Himmler. The much discussed seam line where the skull sits, clearly evident. The ring has survived in excellent overall condition with all the decoration still visible.

Continuing with  the three Schaub highlights, we offer a pair of Schaub’s Golden Party Badges. The small Golden Party Badge impressed with Schaub’s NSDAP membership number ‘81’. The large Golden Party Badge, a period pre-1945 replacement badge without number.  Both survive in stunning condition with full mercuric gilt remaining, and perfect enamel.


The third and last Schaub highlight on offer, is undoubtedly the most poignant, and historical of the three. A deluxe first edition of Hitler’s Mein Kampf Band 2 from 1927, and dedicated and signed by Hitler to Schaub for Christmas 1927. The deluxe Mein Kampf is finished in red linen, and with gold blocking, and top gilted pages. A fine silk book mark completes this version.




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