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Ulric of England T&C Overview 2016

Terms & Conditions


The legal documents provided online are for your convenience only, and may change from time-to-time with or without prior notice or reason. In all cases the Terms & Conditions printed in relevant sales literature and in written Contracts of Sale, take precedence over the Terms & Conditions provided online.

The Ulric of England website and related company services for example insurance valuations, may be used subject to your understanding and agreement to the Terms & Conditions.

In the event you do not understand the Terms & Conditions and/or require further explanation, or information, please contact the Ulric of England company.

In ordering products or services, purchasing products or services, using the Ulric of England website,  email and telephone communications  you have understood, and agreed to the Terms & Conditions including;


Website Conditions of Use

Refund Policy

Business Terms & Conditions

Contract of Sale

Privacy Policy

Lay Away Terms & Conditions


Permission To Reproduce Material including Photographs

All material supplied- and published by Ulirc of England is subject to copyright. This includes material published on the Ulric of England website and material supplied directly [by email or any other means as may be requested].

Permission is required in writing, to reproduce, distributand/or share material supplied by any means including downloading, distributing  and sharing through electronic media by way of example internet forums.

For further details please refer to our Website Terms & Conditions (2.0) Intellectual Property Rights & Copyright.

Individuals and organistions proposing to reproduce and distribute images, please contact Ulric of England, confirming;

  1.  number & identity of photographs for proposed use (include product code where available)

  2.  reason for use - book, film, documentary, educational programme etc

  3. time-frame - date required

  4. format - c.d., high resolution jpeg, etc
  5. charity, non-profit or commercial project

  6. name and contact details for individual responsible for project management

  7. organisation name and contact details

Further to receiving the above we will forward a (pdf) Permissions Contract. The Permissions Contract must be signed by a member of Ulric of England staff, plus yourself, and/or your company representative, before reproducing, sharing and distributing any visual information including but not limited to photographs and illustrations.


Additional Product Phtographs.


We are always pleased to provde 'additional product photographs'  to enable informed purchasing decisions.  Further to receiving your request we will advise an approximate delivery timescale ( this being subject to photographer availability and 'work-in-hand.'


Breach of Copyright

We make every effort to ensure we do not breach the copyright of other individuals and/or organisations.

In the event we may have breached copyright laws please advise in writing. In the unlikely event we do not respond to your correspondence within 5 working days from receipt please telephone.

Consigned Properties

Properties consigned for sale are subject to our general Terms & Conditions (listed above), plus a Vendor-Property Consignment Contract of Sale.

To request a draft (pdf) copy of the Consignment Contract of Sale, or to learn how our Consignment Service could help you to achieve great prices for your medals and militaria, please contact Ulric of England.



We do not provide authentications to third party individuals and/or organisations.

Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event we do not meet your expectation, please advise immediately. Please ensure email communications include your daytime contact telephone number and postal address.