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German Military Watches

German Military Watches

German Military Watches


WW2 German military watches have experienced a renaissance

during the last four years, as  experienced 'vintage watch collectors,'

and 'first-time buyers,' recognise the inherent quality,

rarity and historic-integrity, which distinguishes WW2 German

military watches from their civilian counterparts.





WW2 German military watches, particularly Luftwaffe Chronographs and Observer watches,

are continuing to appeal to eclectic 'vintage watch' collectors, looking to buy great quality

timepieces with historic-integrity. This trend appears set to continue throughout 2016 and



2016 to date sees more specialised WW2 German military watch collectors remaining focused in

their pursuit of quality German military watches made by celebrated  watch-makers, from,

Hanhart and Junghans, to  Lange, Lemania, Tutima, Wempe and many more.


WW2 German military watches currently showcased for sale  include a  Longines German Army

watch, a Wempe Luftwaffe observer watch and two Luftwaffe chronographs: a double-button,

Luftwaffe chronograph by Heuer, and  a rare single-button, Luftwaffe Chronograph made by  

Hanart .

Watchmakers Lange & Sohne take the helm for WW2 German Kriegsmarine timepieces,with a  

luminous Dial-Deck watch endorsed by Andreas Huber.


Ulric of England has been dedicated to WW2 German military watches, clocks & chronographs

since 1976. The experience and know-how we bring to collecting vintage German military

watches is underpinned by a series of respected guide books focused on how to collect WW2

German military watches.  The guide books provide factual information on key watch types for

example Luftwaffe chronographs, Kriegsmarine clocks, SS watches, German Army watches,

watch brands, and associated German military horology.*


In addition to our guide books, we are pre-eminent in the sale and acquisition of collectible 

WW2 German military watches, clocks and chronographs.

We are always interested to represent WW2 German military watches for sale on  consignment,

or purchase outright. In the event you are proposing to sell your single WW2 German military

watch, or comprehensive German military watch collection, please contact us.


Although our German military watch collectors span the globe (from California and  Hong Kong,

to Moscow, Taunton and Tunbridge Wells), they are united by common 'collecting principles' and

particularly enjoy buying WW2 German military watches with the following characteristics:

  • impeccable provenance
  • quality-condition
  • notable names. Some of the 'must-have' German military watch makers for 2016 include:  Alpina, Domino, Junghans, Hanhart, Kieninger & Obergfell, Laco, Lange & Sohne, Lemania, Longines, Minerva, Silvana, Tutima and Zenith.


 *WW2 German Military Timepieces:

Volume 1. Ulric of England Website Product Code: g006765
Volume 2. Ulric of England Website Product Code: g006766
Volume 3. Ulric of England Website Product Code: g006639

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