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SS Insignia

SS Insignia

SS Insignia

SS insignia continues to feature strongly as a German militaria collecting theme, the breadth and depth of its scope appealing to both eclectic and more considered militaria collectors.

Dedicated to SS insignia, this category represents a good selection of collectable, SS-SD, Allgemeine-SS, SS-VT and Waffen-SS insignia, ranging from matched-pair SS uniform epaulettes, to high-ranking  SS collar patch insignia, coveted sleeve-shields and much more.

Sales highlights are headed by a pair of  SS-VT Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler epaulettes, a  flatwire Waffen-SS tunic sleeve eagle & swastika with great provenance, and a pair of Waffen-SS Totenkopf collar patches. Additional  highlights focus on Allgemeine-SS insignia and include a Standarte 1 collar patch, Allgemeine-SS Reichsfuhrerschule arrow and  M1929, Feldmütze eagle & swastika.  

In addition to the SS insignia for sale, we welcome enquiries for consignments and outright purchases.


SS -Gruppenführer Collar patches,  Pre-1942.
SS Allgemeine Cap Centre Section.
Allgemeine-SS Epaulette. General.
Allgemeine-SS Epaulette. Sturmbannführer.
Waffen-SS Epaulette. Obergruppenführer. Single.
Waffen-SS Epaulettes. Gruppenführer. Matched Pair.
Waffen-SS Insignia. 'Totenkopf' Skull Collar Patch - Early Style.
SS-SD Officer Sleeve Diamond
Waffen-SS 'Langemarck' Collar Patch for OR/NCO Ranks | Rare