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German Headgear | Erel Hats

German Headgear | Erel Hats

German Headgear | Erel Hats

'Today, the celebrated Erel brand is coveted by WW2 German
headgear collectors across the globe.'

This category is dedicated to  Robert Lübstein's WW2 German headgear, and infamous 'Made by  Erel' brand;

Miliner Robert Lübstein combined exceptional skill with fine materials, to tailor ‘modest’  German headgear for privates, and bespoke caps and hats for Germany’s political- and military elite.  WW2 German headgear endorsed with Robert Lübstein's trademark Erel brand, was favoured by Admiral Donitz, Reichsmarshall Hermann Goring, and many others. Today, the celebrated Erel name is coveted by WW2 German headgear collectors across the globe.

Collectible Erel headgear showcased for sale includes Double-Erel German military helmets and peak visor caps, Triple-Erel, TiNo peak visor caps, Erel 'Extra Klass,'  plus a selection of  German caps endorsed with Erel's distinctive, Ideal -, and  Private Klass, labels. 

Category highlights showcased for sale include several 'Double Erel' German hats, for example a peak visor cap  from Germany's elite, Panzer-Abteilung 65, a Waffen-SS peak visor cap and Luftwaffe helmet. Triple-Erel headwear is represented by a fine, Heer General peak visor cap. There are also a number of WW2 German hats made to Erel's signature, Extra Klass.

Peak Visor Cap| Luftwaffe Officer | Double Erel
Peak Visor Cap | Heer General | Triple Erel
Peak Visor Cap. Heer Panzer Officer. Double Erel.
Peak Visor Cap. Elite Panzer-Abteilung 65. Double Erel. Named.
Peak Visor Cap. Heer Feldgendarmerie Officer. 'Crusher-Style.'
Peak Visor Cap. Luftwaffe Officer. Double Erel. Privat Quality.
Luftwaffe Peak Visor Cap.  Officer. Double Erel. Summer Service.
Luftwaffe Peak Visor Cap. OR/NCO Flight Section.
Peak Visor Cap. Heer Chaplain. Triple-Erel.