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Ulric of England


German  Daggers & Swords | Political

German Daggers & Swords | Political

German Daggers & Swords | Political

Would-be collectors are generally inspired by the rich history,

craftsmanship, and the opportunity to own something unique:

German daggers deliver on all these points - and often more.

NSKK Chained Dagger | Eickhorn | Marine
NSKK Marine Dagger. Eickhorn Manufacture.
SA Dagger | Full Röhm | Eickhorn
SA Dagger Presented To A Member Of Reiterstandarte 43.
SA Part-Röhm Dagger By E.P.& S.Solingen.
NSKK Dagger By Solinger Axt-Und Hauerfabrik.
NSKK Dagger By Paul Seilheimer Solingen.
SA Dagger By Eickhorn. 1933  Pattern. Beautiful Condition.
NSKK Chained Dagger. Eickhorn Manufacture.

The trend for collecting political and civil daggers

Alcoso, Eickhorn, EP & S., Hammersfahr & Cie, Krebs, Weyersberg and Schaff, provide a wealth of  coveted maker-names, acknowledged worldwide for uncompromising quality standards.