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German Daggers & Swords | Military & Dress.

German Daggers & Swords | Military & Dress.

German Daggers & Swords | Military & Dress.

This category showcases WW2 German daggers and swords made for Germany's elite, military forces, including 1st & 2nd pattern Luftwaffe German daggers, Kriegsmarine daggers, Heer dress daggers, Prinz Eugen swords, Prison Administration swords, German dress bayonets, plus many other WW2,  dress- and military- German edged weapons.

Heer Officers Dagger With Delux Hangers. Eickhorn. Provenance.
Luftwaffe Sword byWKC Solingen.
Heer Officers 'Double Etched' Dagger By Clemen & Jung, Solingen.
Heer Officers Dagger By E.P & S - Orange Grip - Provenance Back To 1949.
Kriegsmarine Dagger By Lüneschloss, Solingen - Full Ivory Grip.
'Scharnhorst' Sword by Eickhorn. Model 1706.
Luftwaffe Dagger. 2nd Pattern By Alcoso - Special Red Ivorine Grip & Presentation Case.
Heer Officer Dagger By Eickhorn. Impeccable Provenance.
Kriegsmarine Dagger By WKC Solingen

All the German daggers and swords showcased for sale, are made by great Solingen-makers, for example, Alcoso, Eickhorn, Holler, Voos and WKC. Additionally, many daggers and swords enjoy impeccable provenance, or rich documents to enable further investigation: all benefit from long-term care and conservation, and are in fine  -  if not exceptional, condition.


Luftwaffe sword portepees, Heer and Kriegsmarine  dagger hangers, plus related accoutrements, provide a wealth of important details to enrich your single German dagger, or add the finishing-touch to your expansive, WW2 German dagger collection.


The market for antique arms, armour, and edged weapons, is currently enjoying successful sales. This buoyant trend is reflected in 20th century European edged weapons, particularly the specialised field encompassing WW2 German daggers & swords.


N.B. 'Heer' = German Army.