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SS Cuff Titles

SS Cuff Titles

SS Cuff Titles

SS cuff titles, (also referred to as 'cuffbands,' 'sleeve insignia' and 'armbands'), were considered personal standards, and worn with honour. The privilege associated with SS cuff titles may be why they are so highly coveted by historians and collectors today.

This vibrant collecting category presents historically-important and coveted SS cuff titles including Allgemeine-SS, SS-VT, and Waffen-SS cuff titles,  Adolf Hitler, Deutschland and   Fallschirmjager cuff titles, plus Hauptampt cuff titles, Prinz Eugen, Totenkopf, and many others.

The cuff titles for sale, are chosen with a view to enriching distinguished SS cuff title collections, and addressing the requirements of enthusiastic individuals, seeking to buy one, historical, SS cuff title, as part of a wider collecting theme.


SS Cuff Titles. Collecting Guide.  Volume 1
SS Cuff Titles. Collecting Guide. SS Cuff Title Manufacture. Volume 2.
SS Officer Cuff Title. Der Führer.  1945 Provenance To Date.
Theodor Eicke SS OR/NCO Cuff Title. BeVo Woven.
Adolf Hitler SS Cuff Title | 1st Issue
Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Officer Cuff Title. 'Flatwire.'
Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler RZM SS Cuff Title. 2nd Issue.
SS Cuff Title. Adolf Hitler. BeVo Woven.
Theodor Eicke SS Officer Cuff title.  BeVo Woven.

For individuals looking to understand cuff titles in more detail, we offer authoritative reference guides dedicated to German cuff titles: engaging books which will equally satisfy accomplished cuff title collectors, or novice individuals looking to learn more:

Volume 1.  2nd Edition. Published 2003. In print. ISBN 9780954199739.
Volume 2. 1st Edition.  Published 2000. In print. ISBN 9780954199746.

To date our experience and know how associated with collecting  German cuff titles is unrivalled. In addition to managing important cuff title collections, (including cuff title sales and purchases), we provide tailored insurance valuations, and 'best practice' conservation guidance.

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