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Ulric of England


Cuff Titles| How To Collect

Cuff Titles| How To Collect

Cuff Titles| How To Collect



How To Collect Cuff Titles

Bewildered by Be-Vo woven, Gothic script, seven-strands and flatwire. As the Ulric of England Cuff Title Collection is announced for sale we deconstruct cuff title terminology, confirm our favourites from the 'Collectors Collection' share thoughts on how to display your cuff title collection, best practice conservation, the enduring appeal of collecting cuff titles in 2016 and more.


Cuff Title Terminology 

For occassional Cuff title terminology deconstructed in 6 simple steps

1. Weave Types

2. Cloth Types 

3. Embroidery 

4. Script 

5. Reading The Reverse Side

6. Labels|Pre-& Post-RZM

7. Ranks & Rarity


Best Practice

 1. Keratin v Cellulose: why cuff titles are off the menu for moths

 2. Light & Shade

 3. Display Trends & Innovation



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