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Ulric of England


Medals & Decorations 1939 To 1945

Medals & Decorations 1939 To 1945

Medals & Decorations 1939 To 1945

WW2 British Medals & Decorations With A Story

  Anecdotes & History

We are currently inviting consignments for WW2 British Medals,
Awards & Decorations with impeccable provenance and 'personality detail,'
in particular WW2 British Medal groups, British Medal collections
and WW2 military artefacts with great
ancedotes & history.


DFC  Group | 57. Squadron.
Military Medal Group | Royal Artillery | Exceptional Citation
DFC & Bar Group | 85. Squadron | Night Fighter Ace
DFC/DFM Medal Group. 88 & 98 Squadron. K.I.A.
RAF Medals. Killed In Action. 460 Squadron.
Royal Tank Regiment. Major. Killed In Action. El Alamein.
Royal Navy Medals. Boxed. Killed in Action. U-Boat Attack.
RAF Medals. Boxed  + Insignia.
RAF Medal Group. Boxed + Ephemera. Photographer.